Bracees - embrace your braces
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Protect from cuts and sores 


Bracees are made in the USA by a dental orthodontic manufacturer

with FDA approved materials and are distributed by Bracees, LLC.


1. Handle Bracees with clean fingers.

2. Slide Bracees upward onto bracket. You will feel it snap on. Watch Zoie do it here.

3. Bracees are temporary. Please discard them after two days of straight use, or retire each Bracee after reusing and restoring for up to two weeks.

4. To remove Bracees, slide down to disengage Bracees from bracket. 

5. Take a photo of your new smile, tag us on social media, and use #myBracees to get featured on our social media.


What are Bracees made of?

Bracees are made in the USA with FDA approved rubber material.

Are Bracees a choking hazard? 

Bracees are not a choking hazard for children who have dental braces. We do not suggest swallowing Bracees. These rubber charms can be worn while you eat and sleep.

Do Bracees affect my braces or orthodontic treatment? 

Bracees do not alter your braces or orthodontic treatment. Bracees attach to the bracket and protect cheeks and gums from cuts and sores as opposed to using dental wax. 

Do I have to have braces to use Bracees?

Yes. Bracees are designed to attach to the brackets of braces.

How long can I wear my Bracees?

You may reuse and restore Bracees for up to 2 weeks. But you should not have them in the mouth for more than 2 days straight at a time.

How can I purchase Bracees for my dental office?

If you are a dentist interested in purchasing wholesale Bracees in bulk for your practice, please email for more information.