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BRACEES - Colorful fun charms for your braces

At Bracees we believe that wearing braces should be fun. Being able to add braces charms to your braces and being able choose your own colors and designs for your braces each day will show the world the real you. We have many different braces accessories with many different colors and unique designs to choose from to customize your braces and your smile.  With Bracees, you will enjoy wearing braces so much more. It will let you be yourself but different.  Let the world see the "Unique You" with Bracees.

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Bracees are intended to be dispobable and meant to be worn for 1-2 days each. They are temporary. Bracees are made in USA from prime medical grade materials by an American dental orthodontic manufacturer. Every package is checked to assure all cuts are consistent and correct. The materials we use are FDA-approved.  Bracees are easy to use and are completely safe. 

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